North Ferriby Parish Council


Chairman: Brian Bannister
Tel: 01482-632126


Hon. Secretary: Margaret Swindin
Tel: 01482-633848


Hon. Treasurer
: Thelma Bannister
15 The Triangle
North Ferriby HU14 3AT

The North Ferriby Conservation Society exists to preserve the character of the village and monitor new development. Anyone with an interest in conservation is welcome to join us.

Committee Members
Brian Bannister
Thelma Bannister
Alex Hodgson
Kay Laister
Rosemary Suddaby
(Ings Fields Warden)
Margaret Swindin
Marigold Vodden
Jean Henderson
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Aims and Objectives

  • to ensure that the rural and village atmosphere of North Ferriby is preserved for the future
  • to promote the preservation of wildlife in and adjoining the parish and, in particular, to monitor the flora and fauna of the Ings Fields and advise the East Riding of Yorkshire Council on all matters relating to the well-being of the Fields under the Management Agreement currently in place between the East Riding of Yorkshire Council and the owner of the Fields.
  • to promote the preservation of local footpaths and open spaces for the residents of North Ferriby
  • to promote pride in the appearance of the parish
  • to promote pride in the historical importance of North Ferriby
  • to promote village amenities
  • to monitor and make representations on any proposed developments within and adjoining the parish
  • to promote a responsible conservation policy in respect of further development in the parish
  • to liaise effectively with national bodies and other groups within the local community
  • to ensure the representation of the Society's views locally
  • to enlist further help and support for these objectives, as and when necessary.

Conservation Areas

Local authorities have the power to designate as a conservation area any area of special architectural or historic interest whose character or appearance is worth protecting or enhancing. The first conservation areas were created in 1967, and there are now over 9000 in England. Development within these areas may be necessary to accommodate the demands of modern living but will often require not only a normal planning application but also a separate application for conservation area consent. The challenge is how to enhance, rather than detract from, their special local character.
The special character of these areas does not come from the quality of their buildings alone. The historic layout of roads, paths and boundaries; characteristic building and paving materials; a particular 'mix' of building uses; public and private spaces, such as gardens, parks and greens; and trees and street furniture, which contribute to particular views - all these and more make up the familiar local scene. Conservation areas give broader protection than listing individual buildings: all the features, listed or otherwise, within the area, are recognised as part of its character.
North Ferriby now has two conservation areas:
· the original area covering the historic core of North Ferriby (designated in 1982) - see Map & Conservation Area Appraisal - May 2006
· a new conservation area (designated in 2007 at the instigation of the Conservation Society) known as the Parkfield Conservation Area - see Map & Parkfield Conservation Area Appraisal - Nov 2007

Current Activities
1. Ings Fields
The Ings Fields, adjacent to the River Humber, are home to a rare sedge, carex divisa, whose continuation is dependent on allowing saline water from the river to permeate the Ings Fields. The area is subject to a management agreement between the Local Authority and the owner, drawn up following advice from Natural England, to protect not only the carex divisa but also the other flora and fauna in the Fields. The Conservation Society recognises the importance of monitoring the status of the site and assists wherever possible.
2. Village Trusts
The Society is compiling a list of the various charitable trusts which exist in the village, for example the Village Hall Trust and the Anne Turner Memorial Allotments Trust. It is our intention to produce a register listing and describing these, as an information resource for the village. Copies of the register would be held by the Parish Council and the Conservation Society, and it would also be available for consultation in the public library.

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